KIND IS COOL actions through children’s eyes

Up, Up and Awaaayyyyy!
Today is your day!
To choose your direction,
to make your connection,
with YOU!

Feelings Happen. How we choose to respond to them is up to us!
 and Kruddy are our Outside-In Superheroes).

K.I.C.K. Start for kids utilizes:
 Kindness exercises
for a connected and harmonious classroom experience


K.I.C.K. Start for Kids
Brings you easily accessed Social Emotional learning tools:


Feelings happen!  How we choose to respond to them is up to us!

Click on the card above to see the back

Click on the card above to see the back

SHNOOZAM KINDNESS CARDS For weekly or monthly individual student choose their own act of kindness (at home or in class).

Followed by an end of the week writing or drawing, and classroom sharing of the chosen kind act, stimulates community and awareness of common bonds, empathy, self-esteem and classroom harmony.

SHNOOGY RAP SONG and DANCE Positive lyrics and a catchy tune that Integrate fun, choreographed dance movement. A great way to wind up your week (or any day!) that involves students in a fun physical activity full of positive affirmations and celebration!

MINDFULNESS POSTER Reminding students on how to frame their thoughts before speaking.



All items can be utilized individually or as a customized package as per your classroom requirements.

We are excited to visit you for one or two visits (30-45-minute), or a full day of entertaining and fun lesson(s) on emotional awareness and connectedness. During this lesson we will engage your students with beautiful, life size puppets, costumes, storytelling, song and dance.

Your students will meet:

  • Shnoogy McCool – avatar of our pleasant thoughts and feelings,
  • Kruddy Grimm – avatar of our unpleasant thoughts and feelings.
  • Providing you with a semester or a year of weekly mindfulness and kindness activities.

STANDARD AUTHOR FEES APPLY- Please CONTACT us for further information

Contact Constance to schedule your own classroom or school, for a fun learning adventure…